Loyal Oxford

Luis Eduardo Alvarez de Lugo Oxford better known as Loyal Oxford, born on November 17, 1983 in Caracas, Venezuela. He is a music producer, beatmaker, composer and keyboardist with a wide range of musical genres, standing out in electronic and urban music.


Loyal Oxford had the artistic name Music Leal, which in addition to the meaning of the word leal in spanish, represented the initials of its two names and its paternal last name. Seeing the large number of artists who already used that name, he decided to look for a new artistic name that would not fail to represent this characteristic.

And he found it by translating the word Leal into English (Loyal). In this way he took advantage of including his mother’s last name (Oxford), in order to have all his origins represented, for being a good combination of Anglo-Saxon names and for how striking this last name was for his Spanish colleagues.


Fernando, the older brother of Loyal Oxford, began taking piano lessons at his home in Caracas. One day, Elizabeth, Fernando and Loyal Oxford’s sister, began listening to music coming from the piano in the house. At first she did not give importance until she realized that his brother Fernando was not present. A little confused she went to the place where the piano was located and was surprised to see the youngest of his brothers playing it. And this is how at the age of 5 it all started for Loyal Oxford.

Loyal Oxford Young
Loyal Oxford. Caracas – 1992

Seeing Loyal Oxford’s parents his potential, they decided to include him in the piano lessons that his older brother received. These were not typical piano lessons, where musical theory and classical techniques would be studied. The ability of Loyal Oxford to play any music by ear made his learning more entertaining and with much improvisation.

Loyal Oxford is not a virtuous score reader, and even has a defect in the technique of his left hand that any master of musical conservatory would repudiate. However, his ability to generate new melodies, improvise and play by ear, make Loyal Oxford a particular and excellent keyboardist.

His love of piano was to remain a hobby throughout his childhood. Later, in 2008, he began taking classes with the famous teacher Gerry Weil. These piano lessons greatly enriched Loyal Oxford, leading him to use new shades and genres to his musical improvisations.


Loyal Oxford did not always devote himself to music. He graduated as a lawyer in 2005 at the age of 21. Earlier in 2002, an interest in the production of electronic music had arisen in him when his cousin, the artist MikiHumo, showed him some musical creations through music software. Immediately Loyal Oxford began to try it and have fun taking advantage of his computer and music skills.

At that time the genre of Reggaeton emerged strongly being heard in the discos of Caracas. That is why Loyal Oxford, along with a group of friends, began to gather at home to entertain themselves creating songs of this genre. They even created a fictional group called Los Papis del Este, taking this name because the majority of urban music singers in the country came from the west of Caracas and they instead lived in the east of the Venezuelan capital. This activity was maintained until approximately 2007.

In 2017, Loyal Oxford finally decided to raise their musical knowledge and talents to a professional level. That’s when his friend Luis Ruibal, a well-known illustrator with extensive experience in the music industry, encouraged him to undertake his training as a music producer.


A year later, Loyal Oxford traveled to Madrid to begin his formal studies at SAE Institute. In 2019 Loyal Oxford would finally be an advanced electronic music producer, finishing his studies with the highest qualifications. That same year he released his first songs, among which is “Diablo“, a song influenced by the genre K-Pop. This theme had the collaboration of Spanish singers Skinny Puma and Blanca Rey and was mixed in the studies of the renowned producer Daddy Cobra.

Loyal Oxford. SAE Institute Madrid - 2018
Loyal Oxford. SAE Institute Madrid – 2018

In 2020 Loyal Oxford returned to Caracas where it had to stay longer than expected due to the pandemic. Despite not having his main production instruments, he remained active producing Beats from his laptop. This work earned him recognition and being the winner of the Beats Battle 2020 of Sae Institute Spain (Barcelona and Madrid). The prize was awarded by a jury made up of Andres Ochaita (Warner Music Spain record consultant), the renowned music producer SLATIN and the public.

Loyal Oxford decides to stay permanently in Caracas bringing all their equipment. In the midst of the crypto explosion of 2021, the artist begins to venture into the world of NFTs. Along with music production, he begins to develop musical NFT projects. By 2022, the launch of an ambitious NFT project is planned together with the art of the Balkong Toys company.